Clash of Clans Maths Lesson

Almost all the children in my classes play Clash of Clans, so I thought it would a good basis to try my first 3-Act lesson, as per Dan Meyer.

There’s some arithmetic and geometric progression that’s ripe for more advanced students, but I teach KS2 and KS3 so wanted something a little simpler. This thread on Reddit gave the starter

Anyway, looking forward to trying it with my Year 7s tomorrow.

Slides here: Clan Maths – Build Walls

Info Sheet here: Clash of Clans – Wall build – info sheet

Rough notes below

Act 1: The set-up

  • Introduce Clash of Clans / make sure everyone understands it
  • Show pictures of time-lapse growth and ask for questions
  • Discuss everyone’s questions – which interesting, which mathematical etc
  • Make list of these so can come back to them and try to answer
  • Ask for estimates of real cost of walls in gems.
  • Act 2: The Wrestle

  • Ask what sort of information we’d need to work out the answer
  • Discuss approach:
  • keep it precise
  • help with proportion / rate problems if need be but try to ensure students do heavy lifting
  • Handout info sheets
  • ask children to team up to find useful bits of information
  • can use calculators
  • Act 3: The Reveal

  • Show the answer
  • Explain steps and discuss how tie in to discussions in Act 2
  • Look at left-over questions – room for answers, what next

  • David Weston on Unleashing Greatness in Teachers

    Student Design Award Winner - Curiosity: Exploration and Discovery from RSA Student Design Awards on Vimeo.


    Like this a lot.

    MIST – Educational Videos for Maths and Science

    Outside the day job, I’ve been working away trying to repurpose an old project called MIST (Mentored Investigations into Science and Technology) and is essentially a set of videos and lesson ideas for maths and science at the primary level. I’ve also put up a number of “cheat sheets” for those teaching science over on TES.

    Version one of the site is now live, and it’d be great to get any comments or suggestions for improvement.

    TLAB Notes

    Took a while to get there, what with train cancellations, but it was worth it.

    Lots to think about, though various themes/books seemed to be being hammered home. Nuthall’s Hidden Lives of Learners and Berger’s Ethic of Excellence were heavily plugged.

    Notes from what I saw:

    Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

    There’s a talk of hers below which covers some similar things

    Ken Brechin, Cramlington & CPD

  • Bible seems to be Daniel Muijs’s book Effective Teaching.
  • Big questions were: “Is your CPD having an impact?” and “How do you know?”
  • Various ways of measuring impact – analysis of student data through to anecdotal evidence – but context affecting currency. Main thing is to make sure you know what you want CPD to achieve.
  • Spoke to various punters – all agreed that CPD often not great in schools. Seemed usually to be an expensive, hard to argue for OSIRIS course and then no sharing of what learnt

  • Ray Healey on Creating and Extension Culture in Maths

    Cristina Milos