Spluttering back into life

It’s been a while. Server problems, dead laptops and the like have put a bit of a dent in things. Anyway, still alive, and missing blogging, so what I thought I’d do is this.

1) Not worry for the moment about stylesheets/MT Templates not quite working, but post anyway. Things will get back to normal, but apologies now for any odd looking pages

2) Redo old posts in batches. I’m having to do this by hand at the moment, and it’s taking a good deal of time. What I am doing is cleaning them up a bit – getting rid of typos and the like. If anyone is still syndicating this, then I’ll post to let you know what’s old. Titles will be “Reposting old stuff” and “Stopped posting old stuff” to help filter it out of your aggregators.

What I would like to do is say a big thank you in public to Johnnie Moore for thoughtfully offering a helpful hand, and to Matt Whyndham. Thanks chaps.