Knowledge Service Methodology

Over the last few months I’ve been working on developing a Knowledge Service Methodology (400K, PDF) for Templeton College, University of Oxford (where I work) and the Metokis Project (EC Framework 6). I’ve summarised the conclusions below, but the full (albeit first draft) document can be found on the link above. It’s 60 odd pages – though there are pictures 🙂 – and I’m aware some parts flow better than others, nonetheless I thought it might be of interest? Do let me know any comments/criticisms etc. – I’m thinking about wikifying the thing (and so practising what I preach …) but I thought this might be a sensible first step.

The argument from theory and practice outlined above indicates various lessons that need to be taken to heart in any effort to optimise the moderating layer of a knowledge system.

The key lessons identified are:

And it’s these lessons that form the basis of the Methodology.