Personal Knowledge Management Workshop at KMEurope

In July, at Blogwalk 3, Ton, Lilia and I decided it would be good to run a workshop on Personal Knowledge Management during KMEurope. And thanks to the work of Ed Mitchell of Knowledge Board, Lilia’s persistence and patient technical aid from Ton, and some brainstorming between the three of us, it happened. Overall, it seems to have been a success – a little over fifty people turned up, and people seemed to enjoy it.

After Lilia’s introduction, we kicked off the Open Space discussions with some “teasers”. Ton, Martin, Heiko, and Florian and I all gave 3 minute “starters for ten”.

My teaser was on the relationship between PKM and groups/organisations. It was a bit odd not knowing what the audience were expecting, but no one sighed heavily and walked out, which I’ll put down as a positive. The three main points I thought might make for interesting discussions were basically: that PKM is nothing new (but interest in it might highlight some of the failings in CKM), that all the big problems in PKM revolve round the group (how to make the most of self-interested individuals, how to support them in a business context etc), and that nice guys finish last (open, sharing, fluffy bunnies vs the “what’s-yours-is-mine-and-what’s-mine-is-mine” colleagues).

Lloyd’s notes on his teaser about emotional responses and PKM are here and I’ll link to others as and when they get posted]

Anyway, people seemed very keen to chat, and quite a few who left for keynote talk going on at the same time, came back. I agree with Lloyd that it’s impossible to sum up what goes on in these sorts of workshops – I think it might take a while for various ideas and comments to settle – but hopefully some of the notes people scribbled will make their way to the wiki Lilia, Ton and I originally used to plan the afternoon.

After the event, various of us went off to sample some Australian cuisine off Rembrandtplein. I can’t honestly say I’d ever, ever recommend going there for a Kangaroo Steak Special- Martin’s face was a picture when a (the?) cockroach strolled across the table – but the company was great. I had some interesting and friendly chats with Andy Boyd, Martin Dugage, Phil Riding, Sari, Lilia, Florian, Roberta, Samanda and others. (Also, don’t ever play Roberta Cuel pool for money – it’s a quick route to penury …)

Anyway, thanks again to Knowledge Board, to Lilia and Ton, both of whom proved to be relaxed and very able facilitators, and to those who came and helped make it all as enjoyable as it was for me.