Comic Timing & Communication

Here’s a question: what, apart from laughs, do we lose when we communicate through medium that doesn’t allow for comic timing?

Answers on a postcard, please.

  • You mean other than the opportunity to do the gag: “What’s the secret of come-TIMING-dy?”

  • Ha ha! That’s obviously the main problem. But I was also thinking about the links between creativity, comedy, and a word I never thought I’d be old enough to use – mores.

    I used to get fascinated by the various definitions of comedy doing my first degree – e.g. tragedy is falling into the void, comedy is seeing it and thinking that was close (unearthing fears) comedy is half smile, half bare-teethed attack (driving for change) … could drone on … but there is interesting stuff about changing attitudes through comedy.

    So (ahem, breath Piers, breath) – is there a way of grading the effectiveness of communication media for social/attitudinal change based on how well they support comedy? Timing being one factor in that.

    Of course a) this might be a bunch of twaddle and b) none of it will ever affect the following gag:

    “You know what really get’s my goat?

    A troll”

    That, I think, is timeless 🙂