Where we stop and you start

John Porcaro recently commented that it was

Funny that there’s still this black and white distinction between the people who work for the company, and the company itself. Among bloggers (or any who’s caught a clue-train), we know that a company is made up of individuals–indeed, it’s humans who made every single aspect of any successful (or unsuccessful) product or project.

[Thanks Johnnie] I like the refocus. Companies are on people like you and me, rather than weird, corporate behemoths of faceless grey corporates, and I think John’s right to point that out.

In fact, nowadays I sometimes think that the main divide is between people who work for the company and are on the payroll, and people who work for the company and aren’t.

That said, I’m a little uneasy at getting rid of the divide altogether. I’d like to think a company can be more than the sum of its parts. Dunno why. Hmm.