HR and Genes

As serendipity would have it, there’s a discussion over at AOK being hosted by Dave Ulrich. In it Dave and Jack Ring came up with this:

“… the key point … “Once we know the capabilities required, we
can begin to see how to organize resources to deliver them.” which prompts me to ask why we should presume that an HR function is appropriate for an enterprise intending to excel in KM before we are clear on the capabilities required to make KM happen.”

Not too long ago (and this is the coincidence) I snipped a quote from E.O. Wilson’s Consilience. Perhaps it can now be rejigged:

“The message from HR to intellectuals and KMers is this: choose the organizational culture you want to promote then prepare to live with the way individuals react to it. Never favour the reverse, of promoting KM policies to change behaviours. For best results, cultivate individuals, not groups.”