International Blog Day 2005

Spurred on by Euan, Rebecca and the general idea of International Blog Day [which is basically about putting some birds less of a feather on each of our radars], here are some selected reads very different from the mine from around teh world.

  1. Badlani is trying to Change the World – One Plastic Bag at a Time [India]. Is that Adam Gilchrist on the main site?!)
  2. Maryam’s So I Want To Be An Astronaut [Kuwait]
  3. M’lilwana Osanku’s Descendants of Sancho is a curiously gripping read
  4. [Guyana]

  5. Alphecca is “an occasional blog by an independent, libertarian, gay gun nut from Vermont.” You’ve got to love the States sometimes.
  6. The Japanese “I have an ogre for a wife” blog also deserves special mention – I can’t make head or tail of it, but the title made me laugh.