A Revised Tube Map

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Oskar Karlin has done something wonderful. For his London College of Printing course, he had a go at redesigning the London Underground map. After worrying about how impossible a job it was to improve on a design classic, he decided:

“I knew couldn’t just do a normal re-design; something had to be added. I started thinking what’s different in the world now from when the map was designed and one thing that are different today is time. No one has any time left any more. Time is money. Time is everything and so on. Today you never tell anyone how far away in miles you live, but in minutes or perhaps hours if you’re unlucky. So I decided to create a re-design based on time instead of distance (normal maps) or simplicity (tube maps). By combining geographically accuracy with simplicity and time I started out with measuring the time it takes to travel between each station in the whole system.”

Great stuff.


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