• Jolene Segrave

    I Think IGOD ROCKS! he is amazing!!!! luv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jeremiah Smith

    You saying you’re God when you aren’t is blasphemy!

  • corby

    no its not its just a bit of fun its not one person saying hes god its a computer program! hav a sence of humor!

  • rebekah

    ur a big buff and this site sucks

  • this is the most shitest site i have ever been on i dont like it 1 bit and i am never going on it again. i als want to say that it is pethetic that the programming is all installed to ask a boring questions

  • the devil

    god don’t exist everyone. he is a figment of your imagination.

  • Oc34n

    Try to ask what he do in free time 🙂

  • zeke

    umm new here, why does god use a computer? hes god hes in us already right?

  • Raxo the laxo

    Igod is easily confused but cool. But he doesn’t like punk rock, luggage or mormans.