Intelligence has nothing to do with speed

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Love this, from Laurent Schwartz‘s ‘A Mathematician Grappling with his Century’ [via Jo Boaler] “I was always deeply uncertain about my own intellectual capacity; I thought I was unintelligent.  And it is true that I was, and still am, rather slow.  I need time to seize things because I always need to understand them fully.  Even when I was the … Read More

Notes from Martin Robinson’s 21st C Trivium

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Some dog-ears from Martin Robinson’s Trivium 21stC Spoon-feeding “No longer were the students expected to enter the kitchen; rather they chose from a menu and expected it to be served up ready-cooked. This is the problem with spoon-feeding: the whole process devalues the making and concentrates on the service.” Art vs discipline An art offers an open-ended approach as opposed … Read More

Toffler, The Trivium & The Holy Trinity

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I’ve been having an interesting conversation on Twitter with Martin Robinson and Carl Gombrich (a big thank you to both). Two things had been bouncing around recently: Toffler’s ubiquitous “Learn, unlearn, relearn” and the Trivium, in no small part thanks to Martin’s excellent Trivium 21C. I wondered, slightly loosely, whether they were connected, along the lines of this diagram. Carl … Read More

The Structure of Schools

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Should we be paying more attention the structure of schools? A lot of facets of education are coming under scrutiny at the moment, both in the UK and abroad. The merits of various teaching styles, types of school, assessment formats and curricula among others are all being discussed. This debate is healthy and long may it continue. One facet, though, … Read More

Steve Jobs on Teamwork and Rocks

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Lovely metaphor for teamwork and difference from Steve Jobs (thanks to Sonja for spotting this) “When I was a young kid there was a widowed man who lived up the street. He was in his eighties. He’s a little scary looking. And I got to know him a little bit. I think he may have paid me to mow his … Read More

Dogears from Semler’s 7 Day Weekend

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Notes and quotes from Ricardo Semler’s wonderful Seven-Day Weekend “Rather than constantly talking about passion – serving customers passionately, filling in blue forms passionately – organizations should make it possible for employees to feel exhilaration every once in a while. Let them get involved to the point that they shout ‘yes!’ and give each other High Fives because they did … Read More