Walking The Canterbury Tales: The Pilgrims Way

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For my “lockdown holiday” I thought I’d walk the route of the Canterbury Tales. I assumed, wrongly, that there would be loads about it online. There isn’t. There are some great resources, but it took me longer than I’d thought to find a GPX map for my phone so this is a quick tying together of what I managed to … Read More

Cellular Automata in Google Sheets

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I’ve been exploring binary with Year 8s and thought they might like to have a look at the weird world of Cellular Automata. There are lots of resources out there but I couldn’t find one that helped them create their own easily. So I made this in Google Sheets. It’s pretty simplistic but essentially there are 2 steps. Step 1) … Read More

What cathedral are you building?

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I’ve been on a school trip to York these last few days. As you’ll know if you’ve been there, the Minster dominates the city. On a walk round the city walls, I was chatting with a 10-year old about the 250 years it took to build, from 1220 and 1472. We spoke about how many generations of one family it … Read More

Jaron Lanier, BUMMERs and Being Human

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I’ve just finished reading Jaron Lanier’s 10 arguments for deleting your social media accounts. Some are more persuasive than others, but they’ve made me decide to delete my Facebook account for 2020. The arguments are all linked and as follows: You are losing your free will thanks to the addictive nature of much of it and the behaviourist focus of … Read More

What Shaolin Monks Taught Me About Teaching

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The best teacher training I have ever had was from a 34th Generation Shaolin  Warrior Monk, Shi Yan Jun. Over the years, I have had in-school training such as INSETs, after-school twilight sessions, teacher observations (given and received). I have had off-site training run by battle-hardened professionals but sweetened with coffee, fancy biscuit and lecture notes. And I have followed … Read More

Last day on Lesvos

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Very belated, but as promised for Anna-Karin, here is my last diary update from Lesvos. Bit odd rereading the retsina-y scrawl. Feels a lifetime away. Looking at the Calais eviction happening soon has made me think about another trip. ============= My last full day. New Year’s Day. I have a headache but it feels like a routine now. Struggling with … Read More

Superman Pants

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My diary entry from my first day in the Moria Clothes Tent, Lesvos. —- Today was superman pants. They just arrived. The women and children queuing on one side the men on the other, startled, slow, shivering and in shock. I really wasn’t ready for it. The questions, Farsi, Arabic, the same questions again and again, some missing a shoe, … Read More

Trying to help

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Had a bit of a rush of blood to the head. Am off to Lesvos after Christmas to help out with the refugees for a week. Tickets and hotel booked. I’m not actually doing it to raise money. I’m paying for it myself and to be honest, I may well end up staying in my hotel bedroom trying to get … Read More