Written in stone

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Bit surprised by this – very pleasantly so, but surprised nonetheless. Wikipedia’s entry on commonplaces quotes me as a reference. Hmmm.

A Triumph over Reason

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I’m slightly gobsmacked. Last night, I went to a debate on the motion “The House of Windsor is falling down (and we should let it)”. And the voting seemed to ignore the arguments of the speakers. These events are always reasonably light-hearted. Serious points jostle with jokes – and I’m definitely no critic of that. What I found so weird … Read More

Harvard Moral Sense Test

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There’s an interesting piece of research being done at Harvard’s Primate Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory. Basically, they have developed a test which they think will help them work out what moral intuitions are cross-cultural, evolved etc. And anyone can do it. In fact, the more people who do, the better the results.

Mr Carlyle

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On why this blog is not a phenomenon, and some tentative ideas for what it might be.