Knowledge Management Methodology

Am just starting on a two-pronged EU research project concerning the development of a knowledge management methodology.

The two prongs are: developing a “knowledge content architecture” (the techie bit) and developing a methodology for how best to blend tools and people to help turn knowledge into action.…

Hare Brain Tortoise Mind

Was browsing David Gurteen’s site (which is excellent) and saw that he had wondered where ideas came from.

Which made me think knowledge management and running before walking.My initial reaction I’ve lifted back and put here.

Where ideas come from seems pretty much like the holy grail of KM to me.

The EGG Algorithm

The MIT notes -especially the bit about Lamarckian evolution – got me thinking about something I’d done a while ago. For my Masters, I wrote a paper on a new style of genetic algorithm, modelled not on the way genes evolve, but on the way human groups evolve.…

Blackmore-Dennett Overkill

I’ve been thinking about the MIT notes, and last few days reading about memes. Personally feeling like a bit of a party pooper. The meme idea has begun to have a few whiffs of fanaticism about it. Maybe fanaticism is unkind – over-enthusiasm.…

Meme Q&A

Getting a little bit confused here in a what is the sound of one hand clapping sort of way.

I’ve just begun to register with Google, Blogdex et al. to try and get some input, links, feedback – to learn things from everyone else out there.…