Navigating Education

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I almost never go back to the things I highlight on my Kindle. So a mini-holiday project was to stop me being quite such a knowledge tourist. I’ve built a little tool to make it easier to export, browse and actually think about my Kindle highlights.At the moment it’s set up to randomly send me a highlight by email every … Read More

Delivery mechanisms for values

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Two interesting things I’ve seen recently have got me thinking. The first was Mark Slouka’s comment that The humanities, done right, are the crucible within which our evolving notions of what it means to be fully human are put to the test; they teach us, incrementally, endlessly, not what to do but how to beโ€ฆ. They are thus, inescapably, political. … Read More

The Dynamo and the Social

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Thought this was an interesting piece at Slate based on Paul David’s paper. There are some obvious parallels with personal or mobile computing and education and the difficulties we have with using it well. “Electric light bulbs were available by 1879, and there were generating stations in New York and London by 1881. Yet a thoughtful observer in 1900 would … Read More

Simple Current Affairs Game for Children

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The following seems to be going down well with my class. They are both enjoying it and seem to be learning more about current affairs at the same time. What it is Once a week when the children (who are 10 or 11 years old) come into class for morning registration, I’ll have something like this up on the whiteboard. … Read More

Toffler, The Trivium & The Holy Trinity

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I’ve been having an interesting conversation on Twitter with Martin Robinson and Carl Gombrich (a big thank you to both). Two things had been bouncing around recently: Toffler’s ubiquitous “Learn, unlearn, relearn” and the Trivium, in no small part thanks to Martin’s excellent Trivium 21C. I wondered, slightly loosely, whether they were connected, along the lines of this diagram. Carl … Read More

The Structure of Schools

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Should we be paying more attention the structure of schools? A lot of facets of education are coming under scrutiny at the moment, both in the UK and abroad. The merits of various teaching styles, types of school, assessment formats and curricula among others are all being discussed. This debate is healthy and long may it continue. One facet, though, … Read More

Jack Welch and Rates of Change

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This, from Jack Welch, makes a lot of sense: “Iโ€™ve always believed that when the rate of change inside an institution becomes slower than the rate of change outside, the end is in sight. The only question is when.” Given how quickly things are changing outside schools, it makes me wonder how best to keep the rates of change inside … Read More

21st Century Soup-Spilling

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[post_intro]There’s a lot of talk about 21st century education. There are the skills that children need, the jobs that don’t exist yet, the access to learning anywhere and all the wonderful things the internet enables us to do. All of this is valuable, I think, but I wonder how much it is side-stepping the real issue?[/post_intro] When I first started … Read More

#SOLO Taxonomy Presentation for Primary School Children

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Thought I’d share a little slideshow I’ve made to introduce my class to SOLO. Been mulling over trying it this summer and thank in large part to the theory here, some serendipitous resources mentioned by Ewan and the sheer enthusiasm of Tait, I’m taking the plunge. SOLO Taxonomy for Kids on Prezi Would love to hear any tips. One thing … Read More

Self-knowledge, Personalised Learning and Butterflies.

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There’s a lot of talk about making learning personal at the moment. We should all be tailoring it to the needs and interests of the child. Much of it is sensible and I agree with much of the sentiment. I also think there is a risk that comes attached. That risk is an overt focus on self-knowledge and an assumption … Read More