Facts, Stories & Brain Scans

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โ€œWe tend to use the word story casually, as if stories and narratives were ephemeral decorations for some unchanging underlying reality. The deeper neurological truth is that stories do not cloak reality but create it, triggering cascades of perception and motivation. The proof is in brain scans: When we hear a fact, a few isolated areas of our brain light … Read More

3D Education

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I am finding Charles Koch’s framework for education more and more useful. If nothing else it helps me place some of the drier research on things like dual-coding and spaced retrieval in the context of a richer, more human approach and what Jeremy Barnes calls “Albert Hall Moments”. I came across Koch’s model listening to him being interviewed by Tim … Read More

Old habits

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Funny what habits are coming back as I start blogging again. Without thinking about it, I found myself for the first time in quite a few years adding “blog” to my search terms (this one was “knowledge organisers blog”) and being more enthused by the results and the depth of thinking there was there. The drafts folder has its first … Read More

Thinking again

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I miss my old blogging habit. I miss the intentionality, the slower pace, the thoughtfulness and the openness. Perhaps above all I miss the various unpublished draft posts and what they represented. I’d like to start thinking again. Thanks to two blogging stalwarts Ton and Euan, I might have the momentum to do so and today seemed like a good … Read More

Modern Library’s 100 Best Non-Fiction Reads (with links)

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I’ve been on the hunt for some good non-fiction reads for 2019 and realised in the rush with everyone else to read Sapiens or Sleep, I’m probably missing out on some classics. The Modern Library has made a pretty good, if very American, list of its 100 best non-fiction titles. Some of them I’ve read for pleasure, some for studies, … Read More