21st Century Soup-Spilling

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[post_intro]There’s a lot of talk about 21st century education. There are the skills that children need, the jobs that don’t exist yet, the access to learning anywhere and all the wonderful things the internet enables us to do. All of this is valuable, I think, but I wonder how much it is side-stepping the real issue?[/post_intro] When I first started … Read More

Why should children have to collaborate?

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Collaboration, in more and more of what I read online, is a pre-requisite of good “21st century” learning environments. I can see why it is important, but as with a lot of online discussions, it seems needlessly binary. One has the sense you either subscribe to the “we should all be collaborating model” or you are a reactionary dolt who … Read More

Humanities in the 21st Century

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Eloquently put I thought. What can the humanities offer students in the twenty-first century? Merely the possibility of teaching them to pay attention, to contemplate, to appreciate beauty, to experience awe and wonder, to think with depth and sensitivity about life, and to know there are values beyond profit and self-interest. The humanities teach us habits of critical thought and … Read More

Engineers do maths, but not how they’re taught

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In 2006, Julie Gainsburg studied structural engineers at work for over 70 hours.She found that although they use maths extensively, they rarely use standard procedures. [via the excellent The Elephant in the Classroom.] “Recognizing and defining the problem and wrangling it into a solvable shape are often part of the work; methods for solving have to be chosen or adapted … Read More