RSS never blocks you or goes down: why social networks need to be decentralized – O’Reilly Radar

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Industry analysts have been questioning for years whether Twitter is financially viable. Well, maybe it isn't–maybe this particular kind of Internet platform is not destined to be a business. Responsibility for the platform can be distributed among millions of sites and developers, while business opportunities can be built on top of the platform as services in analytics, publicity, and so … Read More

Learning by Design: Part 1

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Educating our children about our planet is a good idea, but if seeing is believing, then maybe we should consider that the next generation of school buildings such as the Redding School of the Arts can serve as potent educational tools for our teachers to utilize in their lesson plans on how to preserve our planet. Buildings are too rarely … Read More

15 Cool High School, College and University Building Designs | WebUrbanist

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If all high school, college and university campuses looked like this, attendance rates would skyrocket. Some may argue that it’s what’s inside that’s important, but there’s no reason for school buildings to be bland, boring boxes. From a big open high school where students lounge on big pillows all day to a university building created by Frank Gehry, these 15 … Read More

Brain-friendly Spaces

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There’s some grim jargon here – but I like the premise, namely that you can design spaces (or classrooms) in such a way as to make your job as a teacher easier.

Blue Sky Thinking (literally)

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The space you’re in affects how you think. Kaisen acknowledges this by providing a way to deal with clutter. And some interesting research seems to show that the height of the room you’re in affects things too. [thanks to Gina for the link] “When a person is in a space with a 10-foot ceiling, they will tend to think more … Read More

Concierges and Secure Communities

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Interesting interview with Richard Rogers in in today’s Guardian. The conversation turned to high-rise living, and this snippet caught my eye RR: We are beginning to learn that management is one of the key elements with tall buildings. Now, of course, people want to go back to tall buildings because it’s very easy to control security. You can have your … Read More