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Brain training is big news. But does it actually work? With the Brain Test Britain experiment we plan to find out – and we need your help.

We've teamed up with leading scientists to create the biggest ever trial of computer- based brain training. We want to see if brain training really can improve your brain skills, and if so, what kind of training works best.

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BBC – Archive – Tomorrow’s World

Beginning in 1965, the BBC's flagship science programme ran for nearly 40 years. Its mix of quirky film reports and live experiments examined the changing state of current technology and put new inventions to the test.

In this collection, we witness a change in how people thought of the future and chart the rise and rise of the computer. Through a selection of items and full programmes from the archives, we remember some of the presenters who became household names, such as Raymond Baxter, James Burke, Judith Hann and many more.

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BBC Backpage

Just speaking to a friend Jon and he told me about a new research project at the BBC called Backpage.

It’s essentially a place for parents, children and teachers to share homework hints via video – a little like YouTube but homework focused. Probably reflects badly on me as a teacher, but I especially liked the Torture Square idea … At the moment, Backstage is a research project running for the next 4 months and they’re looking for clips with tips on Maths and English. As they say,

There’s no special formula – just send in tips that you think would help someone else help their kids with homework….

Fingers crossed this moves from research to production soon – it’s a brilliant idea.