The Open Source School

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Following the adventure of putting together an Open Source school: Albany Senior High School in Auckland, New Zealand. Covers pedagogy, learning, software, hardware, learning management systems, libraries and anything else I feel like talking about. Source: here

A Teacher’s view of the benefits of blogging

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There’s an excellent post over at Box of Tricks that doesn’t just go gooey-eyed at Web2.0 and openness but puts forward some sound educational benefits for blogging: Showcasing your pupils’ work – Th mere fact their work is going to be published, possibly to a worldwide audience, is a powerful motivating factor. It also allows your students to feel ownership … Read More

Facebook users do what exactly?

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[via Rodney‘s tip off about] A comment on Rodney’s blog – from Michael – made me think: “those of us interested in growing on-line communities the message seems to be that setting up special interest groups is going to be less effective than developing a useful application” If there are 3 types of communities – one of them the … Read More

Dealing with Internet Waste

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If you assume that the internet, blogosphere et al are complex systems, what might their waste be? And how might we “recycle” it better? One of the many things I’ve learnt from Steven Johnson’s Ghost Map, is that waste recycling is a hallmark of almost all complex systems. System Recycling Cities Composting pits used in Knossos, Crete 4000 years ago. … Read More

A 10 year old activist

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At the school I’m working at, we’ve just started a blog. All in the best skunkworks taste, there’s only a few children working on it. It’s great to see them rolling up their sleeves and beginning to write some interesting stuff. One post that’s caught my eye, partly for the response it’s had in the staffroom is this post. Zed … Read More

Mapping your blog mind revisited

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A while ago I posted some thoughts about creating a mindmap of your blog. I’ve spent the last couple of evenings fiddling around with tags, a little easy php and Ucinet, some SNA software. I thought I’d post the rough and ready pics now, and do some more explaining when I’ve more time tomorrow. A 3d visualisation of my blog … Read More

Deloitte, risk aversion and “Just say no” to blogs

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Anu points to Deloitte’s decision to say no to blogs last month. Briefly: – Ryf Quail, Deloitte’s director of digital marketing and communications, made the proposal to blog. He describes himself as “an extreme outlier”. – Chief Marketing Officer David Redhill suggested that their “holding pattern should be risk-averse and watching how it develops” – Because, essentially, they need to … Read More


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Quick checklist: – Are you a talker? – Are you a phoner? – Are you a letter-writer? – Are you an emailer? – Are you a blogger? And if yes to any of the above is it a badge you wear with pride?

International Blog Day 2005

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Spurred on by Euan, Rebecca and the general idea of International Blog Day [which is basically about putting some birds less of a feather on each of our radars], here are some selected reads very different from the mine from around teh world. Badlani is trying to Change the World – One Plastic Bag at a Time [India]. Is that … Read More

Anjo, ontologies and weblogs

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Anjo is cooking up a feast over at his blog 🙂 He’s looking at ways of deriving ontologies from weblogs, with some fascinating results so far. Another add-on might be looking at how to kickstart ontologies from and similar social bookmark systems? 1. You can get mindmaps from delicious 2. You can use mindmaps as a means to kickstart … Read More