Trying to help

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Had a bit of a rush of blood to the head. Am off to Lesvos after Christmas to help out with the refugees for a week. Tickets and hotel booked. I’m not actually doing it to raise money. I’m paying for it myself and to be honest, I may well end up staying in my hotel bedroom trying to get … Read More

Mischief on the Moral High Ground

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Thoroughly enjoying Jonathan Smith’s “The Learning Game“. This anecdote is from his childhood. His Uncle Bert, a haemophiliac, always stayed with them. “Every Christmas Day for many years we all gathered in his room for our dinner. After dinner, in my early childhood, we always played cards. I looked forward to this as much as to the turkey because I … Read More


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GamesThatGive. You play games for free, and we sell ads. 70% of our ad revenue goes to your favorite charity. Source: here

7 Year old raises £50K for Haiti

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This is one of the most cheering stories I have heard for a long, long time. Charlie, who is now 7, has decided that he needs to raise some money to help those affected by the disaster. In order to do this he has decided to do a Sponsored Bicycle ride around our local park – South Park in Fulham. … Read More

Parents angry at evangelicals’ charity scheme

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Teacher union leaders are warning schools to vet the charities they support after complaints from parents about a scheme to send gifts to the developing world run by an evangelical Christian group. Under Operation Christmas Child, schoolchildren are asked to fill a shoebox full of presents and wrap it up before the charity Samaritan's Purse distributes the boxes to children … Read More

BBC NEWS | Tories back ‘Teach First’ scheme

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The Conservatives say they would divert funding to expand a scheme that sees bright graduates training on the job as teachers before working in industry. They say the Teach First scheme could then operate throughout England and in primary schools. This and similar programmes would be tapped for expertise to turn failing schools in to Academies. The government said it … Read More


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Pretty soon I’m going to grow a moustache. Not out of personal preference, but as part of Movember. For a month I’m going to be growing, trimming and tending an unsightly sprawl on my top lip in aid of prostate cancer. Dad announced about 2 years ago that he had it, a number family friends have it or have died … Read More

Charitable Searching

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Just discovered It’s a nice idea. Half of their gross revenue goes to charities. “everyclick allocates 50% of its gross revenue to charity each month. Each active charity receives a proportion of that sum equivalent to the proportion in which its supporters use the website relative to the supporters of other active charities. The activity of everyclick website users … Read More