The Boardgame Remix Kit – new ways to play your favourite board games

The Boardgame Remix Kit works with all the great family favourites. It's got twenty five games that you can play using the boards and pieces you've already got.<br />
As well as smoothing out or speeding up a standard game, the kit can turn Monopoly* into a family poker tournament, Trivial Pursuit* into a surrealist parlour game; Scrabble* into fight between a wasp and a robot, and Cluedo* into a zombie invasion.

Augmented Reality YouTube War: The World Series of Tubing – PSFK

YouTube War is a conceptual augmented reality game created by Aaron Meyers and Jeff Crouse. Combining the intensity of a high-stakes poker tournament with the bizarre world of sensational online video, the competition consists of two players trying to out-do each other by presenting a series of videos (rendered as an augmented reality layer on top of a real card) to an audience.

Pocketex: the miniscule cryptex

his Instructable takes Da Vinci's cryptex to a miniature level.

The basic premise of the cryptex is that it allows the creator to hide a secret within the capsule and lock it using a simple slotted key mechanism. A password aligned perfectly with the arrow is the only way to unlock the cryptex.

A fast and flat coding machine

When I saw the cryptex Instructable ( ) I thought: "I will make something like that with my grandson this summer to generate coded messages". He is smart with his hands and he will love building one. I also realized that if we were to play spies, I should have my own… I did not want to have one that he could compare with his, so I decided to make something quite different.