Jaron Lanier on the Internet: World Wide Mush

Youthful fascination with collectivism is in part simply a way to address perceived "unfairness." If everyone shares, then a young person arriving on the scene fresh will not have less than an older person who has been around for a while.

Does Curiosity Kill More Than the Cat?

curiosity can distract men from secular obligations by so occupying their minds that there is no room left for other considerations. These men (and women) fail to register the pain of animals subjected to experiments in the name of knowledge, pay no heed to the social consequences of their investigations, and take no heed of the warnings issued in Marlowe’s “Dr.

Facebook users do what exactly?

[via Rodney‘s tip off about Compete.com]


A comment on Rodney’s blog – from Michael – made me think:

“those of us interested in growing on-line communities the message seems to be that setting up special interest groups is going to be less effective than developing a useful application”

If there are 3 types of communities – one of them the type that grows from shared activities, one from shared space and one from shared interest – then maybe Facebook is doing 1 and 2 and blogs are doing 3?…

Community’s Kryptonite

Peridot is a green jewel. Most of it comes from the San Carlos Native American Reservation. But the unemployment rate there is 76%. In Jewels, the author meets a local called Franklin:

‘Outside the reservation, you see news stories of people worrying about a recession,’ Franklin told me the day before … In the reservation we don’t worry about it.

Us, Them and the Internet

One of the most important things you learn from the internet is that there is no ‘them’ out there. It’s just an awful lot of ‘us’.

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Note to self

Every now and then I witter on about communities and the like. But what do I do about the community where I actually, physically live?

Sod all, apart from vote every now and then. Used to do cricket coaching for under 13s when I lived up in Stoke Newington, but now?…

You say profession, I say passion

Missed this while on my travels. Anjo, Lilia and Stephanie have been doing some interesting things analysing blog communities through terminology rather than links. [Anjo writes it up here, here and here.]

One of the upshots of it all is a map of a number of blogs organised by terminological similarity rather than links.…

The rounded vision of a child

Holiday reading quote #3, from Ziauddin Sardar’s Desperately Seeking Paradise. On the one hand, it’s an autobiography detailing one moderate Muslim’s struggles to find paradise; on the other, it’s a fascinating view of the some of his struggles with fundamentalists, whether Islamic or secular.…