The Discipline of Teaching

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More dogears from Smith Real discipline, I would argue, is not always a matter of driving yourself on; real discipline is also knowing when to stop. This goes for all people in all jobs. Certainly, as a teacher you need to pace yourself, to sense when you’re losing your perspective, to recover as you go along, to have some fun … Read More

“Glob-bogeys” good for the brain

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This [via @briankott] made me smile. “Chewing gum can and does help you focus and concentrate, not to mention relieve your boredom and tension. Hell, the military uses it to keep the soldiers sharp. It can also improve your memory for as much as 35 percent.“ Especially given this (not uncommon) view It’s repulsive stuff, chewing gum. It performs no … Read More


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The IPPR has published a report a while ago which looks good. “The problem with ‘kids these days’ is the way adults are treating them. Britain is in danger of becoming a nation fearful of its young people: a nation of paedophobics. We need policy which reminds adults – parents and non-parents alike – that it is their responsibility to … Read More

Parental discipline ‘key factor’ in giving children best start

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The report, Building Character, studied data from 9,000 households in Britain to find out what sort of upbringing produced character traits, such as application, self-regulation and empathy, which gave the best guarantee of future success. When a whole range of factors including household income, family structure, parental education and breast-feeding for at least six months were taken into account, discipline … Read More

T.E.Lawrence on Discipline

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From Seven Pillars of Wisdom: … it had seemed to me that discipline, or at least formal discipline, was a virtue of peace: a character or stamp by which to mark off soldiers from complete men, and obliterate the humanity of the individual. It resolved itself easiest into the restrictive, the making of men not do this or that: and … Read More