The Jaffa Cake Fitness Plan – Efficiency vs Effectiveness

I wonder if sometimes looking for the most efficient solution might actively damage our chances of finding the most effective solution.

Let’s take an example “fitness drive”.

Being lazy, I’ll usually want to do this in the most efficient way, so I’ll lie on the sofa, ploughing through the internet, clicking, skimming and reading, and perhaps downloading an app, or buying something off Amazon as I slowly comes up with the combination of routines, diets and gizmos that will almost certainly guarantee me a six-pack in 21 days.…

The Effects of School Are Overplayed

John Hattie’s book Visible Learning is a (dense) treasure trove of statistically backed educational research. He looks at 800 meta-analyses of school research and then analyses them for effect. The idea is essentially to try to come up with a way of measuring how much good various initiatives as compared to, say, a child’s natural development.…

How Should Teacher Effectiveness Be Assessed?

In a report titled "The Widget Effect," the nonprofit New Teacher Project found that in public schools nationwide, teacher effectiveness is not measured, recorded or used to inform decision-making in any meaningful way. The result, according to the study, is a system where teachers are treated as interchangeable parts.