National Cipher Challenge

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The competition will run from October 1st 2009 to January 2nd 2010. Over the next few months you will be joining Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage as they endeavour to save the world’s first computing engines, the Difference Engine and the Analytic Engine from falling into the hands of arch criminials and enemies of the British Empire. You will also … Read More

Co-creating the Knowledge Worker Handbook

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Off tomorrow to Amsterdam to the KCC Europe. I’m running one of the Fringe workshops with John Curran on effective knowledge work. The roots of the idea are to do with how you might train teams so that managers can trust them to innovate. Details are here, and if you’re there do come and say hi 🙂 [Update: Had a … Read More

Events: wikis, blogs, podcasts and a diagram for how they might fit together

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Looks like we might be starting to experiment with some more un-conference-y approaches here at Templeton. Wey hey! Was chatting with a colleague here at Templeton, and trying to explain the relationship between blogs, wikis, events etc and drew the following diagram – it seemed to help. Any improvements, corrections etc? [Update: Forgot to add the timeline … and, erm, … Read More

Events becoming cheaper to host than attend

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Ross Mayfield makes a simple, but blindingly good point It’s becoming cheaper to host your own event than attend one… Think about this for a minute, even if you are not in the conference business, and expect an explosion in events and venues. Easy group forming is creating the same disruption for the event market as personal publishing has for … Read More

My name is not Robert

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Went off to the geek dinner on Tuesday night with 200 or so other people and had a great time. It was held just of Trafalgar Square at a Tex-Mex venue, and I get the feeling the poor people downstairs didn’t really know what had hit them. from Richard Anyway, met some interesting new people, and saw some familiar faces. … Read More

London KM Cluster – April 2005

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Via the KM Cluster, there’s going to be a London Symposium on “Enterprise Value Metrics and Measurement: Advancing Intellectual Capital Leadership”. Time and Date: Friday, April 29, 2005 8:00am – 5:00pm More details here, though not yet seemingly. Still, if it’s anything like the last one then it’ll be an interesting, useful gathering.

Good feedback & thoughts for another workshop

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Two quite-possibly-biased individuals have said some nice things about the PKM workshop (They were both involved on one level). Sami Kazi, over at KnowledgeBoard, notes that I was one of the participants at the interesting PKM workshop. With a turnout of about 50 active participants, engaging in dialogue through the open space method, it was fun trying to digest the … Read More