National Cipher Challenge

The competition will run from October 1st 2009 to January 2nd 2010. Over the next few months you will be joining Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage as they endeavour to save the world’s first computing engines, the Difference Engine and the Analytic Engine from falling into the hands of arch criminials and enemies of the British Empire. You will also need to help them break the Byron Enigma.

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Co-creating the Knowledge Worker Handbook

Off tomorrow to Amsterdam to the KCC Europe. I’m running one of the Fringe workshops with John Curran on effective knowledge work. The roots of the idea are to do with how you might train teams so that managers can trust them to innovate. Details are here, and if you’re there do come and say hi 🙂

[Update: Had a great time, and met some great people (old and new). There’s a report on the Fringe here if you want to get an idea of what was going on. And I loved the idea of using buddhist bells in an office to make people more productive. Can just see my boss going for that 😉 Anyway, John and my session went OK. Slightly disappointed the focus ended up on “what is a knowledge worker” – think there’s more traction to be had avoiding that particular issue – but was interested to see that while most people thought they could be more effective, most also thought there’ line managers etc thought the opposite, and were content with effectiveness levels.

Anyway, lots of thanks to Ron, Ed and everyone else who helped organise it]

Events: wikis, blogs, podcasts and a diagram for how they might fit together

Looks like we might be starting to experiment with some more un-conference-y approaches here at Templeton. Wey hey! Was chatting with a colleague here at Templeton, and trying to explain the relationship between blogs, wikis, events etc and drew the following diagram – it seemed to help. Any improvements, corrections etc?

[Update: Forgot to add the timeline … and, erm, by improvements I didn’t really mean for making the diagram prettier/more legible ;)]

Events becoming cheaper to host than attend

Ross Mayfield makes a simple, but blindingly good point

It’s becoming cheaper to host your own event than attend one…

Think about this for a minute, even if you are not in the conference business, and expect an explosion in events and venues. Easy group forming is creating the same disruption for the event market as personal publishing has for media.

Just wow! Especially in the light of the now costly KMEurope 2005.

My name is not Robert

Went off to the geek dinner on Tuesday night with 200 or so other people and had a great time. It was held just of Trafalgar Square at a Tex-Mex venue, and I get the feeling the poor people downstairs didn’t really know what had hit them.

from Richard

Anyway, met some interesting new people, and saw some familiar faces.

  • As ever, good to meet Lloyd again, though he has ruined my modelling career
  • Thanks to Euan for pointing out that my name badge was one upside down, saved me looking as halfwitted as I am!
  • 3 cheers for Nick Swan and the most humble and apologetic elevator pitch I’ve heard – and do have a look at Connect Via Books, it’s a great idea
  • Philip Baddeley I suspect I’ll be seeing a lot more of re wiki/blog conferences in Cambridge
  • Gi Fernando was good company, and knew why green hair isn’t an indicator of idiocy. Will definitely be braving Shoreditch on a Friday soon to talk more about business process and IT, and see why he really is a fashion leader 😉
  • Mark Woodman knew whose round it was – and we had an interesting but too short chat about brittle ontologies and context. Talk to you when you’re back from Ireland, Mark!
  • Jason Bates had some fascinating takes on psychology and the organisation – I loved his thought that social software seemed to be patching up the organisational cracks 🙂 – and he’s got an equally interesting new blog, so have a look at that …

And then there were lots of people I clocked but didn’t have time to go and chat to, as is the way with these things. Hopefully next time!;)

I did, though, at the end of the evening, get a curious insight into what life might be like being Robert Scoble. Some bloke came up, sloshed, and said to me “this is just shuch an honour … you don’t know what this means to me … just to be here … shtanding next to you … in this … where are we? oh shit, I don’t even know where the fuck I am .. but Robert … I can call you Robert can’t I? … Mishter Shcobleizer … you’re like a god to me”.

Made me laugh. a) I don’t even look like Scoble and b) I wasn’t up there with a microphone saying interesting things. But hey, there was a bar, there was good food, and there was company – can’t blame him for overindulging 🙂

Anyway, very many thanks to Hugh Macleod for organising it all. It was great fun.

London KM Cluster – April 2005

Via the KM Cluster, there’s going to be a London Symposium on “Enterprise Value Metrics and Measurement: Advancing Intellectual Capital Leadership”.

Time and Date:
Friday, April 29, 2005
8:00am – 5:00pm

More details here, though not yet seemingly. Still, if it’s anything like the last one then it’ll be an interesting, useful gathering.

Good feedback & thoughts for another workshop

Two quite-possibly-biased individuals have said some nice things about the PKM workshop (They were both involved on one level).

Sami Kazi, over at KnowledgeBoard, notes that

I was one of the participants at the interesting PKM workshop. With a turnout of about 50 active participants, engaging in dialogue through the open space method, it was fun trying to digest the views, concerns, and perspectives of all those in the room. As mentioned on the front page of KnowledgeBoard, a workshop report will soon come through followed by a summary of the many take aways from the workshop. My sincere thanks to the organisers and participants for not only making it an engaging experience (one of the best at KM Europe as noted by many) but for setting the groundwork for what I am sure will be an interesting conversation. 🙂

And Lloyd Davis (in a comment on Lilia’s blog)

“…for those who weren’t there, people were saying it was the best bit of the conference and why wasn’t the rest of it just like this.”

Anyway, that sort of feedback and some old thoughts from John Seely Brown’s keynote in Amsterdam, re art, attention, and groups, got me thinking about trying to organise something in Oxford. I already vaguely talked it over with Lilia and Florian at the Oz bar, but it’s now beginning to seem achievable. (Ton, are you interested? 🙂
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Personal Knowledge Management Workshop at KMEurope

In July, at Blogwalk 3, Ton, Lilia and I decided it would be good to run a workshop on Personal Knowledge Management during KMEurope. And thanks to the work of Ed Mitchell of Knowledge Board, Lilia’s persistence and patient technical aid from Ton, and some brainstorming between the three of us, it happened. Overall, it seems to have been a success – a little over fifty people turned up, and people seemed to enjoy it.
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BlogWalk 3.0

Back from Vienna and BlogWalk 3.0. Bit miffed I could only be there for some of the day. I had to catch an early (i.e. at the airport at 4.30am) flight in for the morning and leave just as conversations really seemed to be hotting up (and my brain shutting down) but, it was still very much worth it. Very friendly, bright bunch of people who I wish I could have talked with for longer. So thanks again Lilia, Ton and Seb!

As Anu has mentioned, the early bit of the day was less structured and more “getting to know one another” – the meat of the matter seemed to happen after the stroll round Vienna. Ton later said that 3.0 was a different beast to the ones previously – more people, and more people who didn’t know each other from beforehand. That said, had some very interesting conversations, felt buoyed by the enthusiasm and breadth of the group, and as much as anything else found it useful to get a feel for how people were thinking about this stuff.

by the artist

Topics I thought of note (and people I spoke with/heard from on them):
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