The Structure of Schools

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Should we be paying more attention the structure of schools? A lot of facets of education are coming under scrutiny at the moment, both in the UK and abroad. The merits of various teaching styles, types of school, assessment formats and curricula among others are all being discussed. This debate is healthy and long may it continue. One facet, though, … Read More

A hierarchy IS a network

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There is a long piece on Murdoch’s wavering empire by Paul Mason over at the BBC. It is called “Murdoch: the network defeats the hierarchy“ Mason makes some nice points. I loved hearing about Gillian Tett‘s “social silence”. This is the subject that everybody at high-class cocktail parties wants to avoid. After Lehman Brothers collapsed, we realised that the unasked … Read More

The Tyranny of Stuctureless

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Contrary to what we would like to believe, there is no such thing as a structureless group. Any group of people of whatever nature that comes together for any length of time for any purpose will inevitably structure itself in some fashion. The structure may be flexible; it may vary over time; it may evenly or unevenly distribute tasks, power … Read More