What to teach in IT? #ICTcurric #ICT500 #RethinkingICT #ukedchat

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So a while ago Michael Gove said the current ICT Curriculum is being scrapped. To be honest, hooray. The current offering is dismal, almost unforgivably so. There already seem to be a bundle of energetic, committed characters looking to redraft a better one and in response to Chris and his call for ideas here are some first thoughts. Don’t call … Read More

The Open Source School

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Following the adventure of putting together an Open Source school: Albany Senior High School in Auckland, New Zealand. Covers pedagogy, learning, software, hardware, learning management systems, libraries and anything else I feel like talking about. Source: here

Official Google Blog: Five million students going back to school are “going Google”

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As of this fall, over five million students at thousands of schools in more than 145 countries have "gone Google" and are actively using Google Apps Education Edition on campus. Since this time last year the number of students using Google Apps on campus has increased by 400%. Because more schools sign up for Apps everyday, we wanted to celebrate … Read More