Encouraging mathematical reasoning

Another thing to do more of next year: encourage children not just to give the answer, but to justify why their answer makes sense. This way, I hope, children will learn that maths is something that can be understood rather than a series of processes to learn.…

Plumbers & “Write what you know”

I’ve heard the statement, “Write what you know,” probably like a million times, but only a handful of times did that make any sense to me.

Teacher says, “Write what you know.”

Student begins to write. On the planet Jupiter robot warriors called Jenturions launched a .

Mixed ability group work in maths

There’s a great resource here for problems that children can work on together in a maths class.

As interesting is the approach, something called Complex Instruction, which was developed at the Stanford Uni School of Education. There’s a useful video of Jo Boaler talking about how it works here, and some videos of it in action as kids try to solve a problem called Counting Cogs in a classroom here.…

The importance of estimation

Teaching children how to estimate properly is something I need to improve on.

As Jo Boaler points out in The Elephant in the Classroom:

“When an official report in the UK was commissioned to examine the mathematics needed in the workplace the reviewers found that estimation was the most useful activity.…

MiST :: Home

video and lesson plan resource for teachers and home educators. Focus is maths science.

Source: here

Teaching Maths Properly

Dan Meyer hits various nails on various heads. And reading his blog I’ve remembered a) how much talent there is out there and b) how useful it is to be able to access it. Thanks Dan.