Mohini The White Tiger and Learned Helplessness

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I’ve been watching a lot of TED talks recently (part of a NY’s resolution), and have been struck by the number that say something along the lines of “school is broken” and “how do we make children like school?”. There’s a sad story about a tiger called Mohini that Tara Brach tells as follows. Mohini was a regal white tiger … Read More

The Cognitive Science of Skills and Learning

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most computing applications, which separate data structures (which we could liken to human knowledge) and processes that operate on them (which we could liken to human thinking skills); so long as the data are in a compatible format, the computing processes can operate on any data that are entered. In the human mind, however, knowledge and processing are more often … Read More


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Jeremy Faludi over at Worldchanging has a nice primer on biomimicry. “Most designers, engineers, architects, and other people who build things just don’t know that much about biology and the natural world; and even when they do, there’s often a gap of capability in available materials, manufacturing methods, and economic systems … Even with existing technology, however, an enormous realm … Read More