Private Schools and Private Tutors

I have nothing against private tutors – let me say that straight out. But I think without openness in the communications between tutor, child, parent and school everyone suffers significant problems for schools, parents and children. Equally

The Problem for the School

Heads of Department, in fact private schools in general, draw a huge amount of succour from their results.…

Co-operative schools

Almost unnoticed, Co-ops are thought to have increased in number so they now make up the third largest association of schools in England, after those run by the Church of England and by the Roman Catholic church. They easily outstrip more publicised groups such as Ark Schools or the Harris academy chain.

This is not class war | Ed Balls

That's why debates that set out the choices will be so important. And, while the leaders' TV debates will inevitably draw the attention, I hope we will see the cabinet and shadow cabinet debating too. This week I will ask my opposite numbers to agree dates, and will propose that we invite parents, teachers, governors and pupils – the people who will be affected directly by the election choice – to ask the questions.

Parental choice on primary schools ‘increases social divide’ | Education |

Giving parents a choice over primary schools increases the social divide, a study reveals.

The majority of poor parents pick their child's primary school because it is close to their home, while nearly half of middle-class parents opt for a school for its academic record, researchers found…

They asked 11,533 parents why they preferred one school to another on application forms.

O-levels could be reintroduced in schools

Teenagers will be allowed to switch to the qualifications, which were scrapped in the late 80s following the introduction of GCSEs, under Conservative plans to give schools greater freedom to choose between courses.

It comes as figures show 654,000 candidates took O-levels this year in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan.

Excellence article by Raymond Tallis: Neurotrash | New Humanist

such are the limitations of our understanding of the brain, attempting to apply the findings of neuroscience to social policy would be premature, even if this were not wrong in principle. But it is wrong in principle. The fabric of the human world, of the public space that is the arena of our lives, is woven out of explicit shared attention that has been infinitely elaborated in a way that has little to do with what goes on in the darkness of the individual skull, though you require a brain in working order in order to be part of it.

Why public schools are likely to rule in 2010 | Politics | The Guardian

All this feeds into one striking statistic. After next year's election about a third of all new MPs will have been to fee-paying schools, compared with 13% of new arrivals when the Commons last underwent major change in 1997.

Most of this data is to be found in The Class of 2010, a report put together by the lobbying firm the Madano Partnership, based on work by academics from Plymouth University.