What cathedral are you building?

I’ve been on a school trip to York these last few days. As you’ll know if you’ve been there, the Minster dominates the city. On a walk round the city walls, I was chatting with a 10-year old about the 250 years it took to build, from 1220 and 1472.…

Couple of School Projects

There are a couple of mini-projects I thought I’d share.


The first is the FPS Zoo. Most of our Year 6 have finished exams so this is an experiment to tie in various cross-curricular themes in (hopefully) a fun way.…

Ton’s Interdependent Thoughts: Rotterdam University Learning Community: Authenticity and Co-Creation Go Together

For me this is an important point: when you want to have a more authentic learning experience it means actively involving the learners in creating that learning experience. If you're the learner it means actively owning your learning path, if you're the teacher it means helping the learners own their learning paths, and see your work as a permanent learning path as well.

Knowledgenetworker Wiki

I haven’t mentioned this yet, stupidly, but if you’re interested in Personla Knowledge Management, do go and have a look at the Knowledgenetworker Wiki

The aim of the Knowledgenetworker Wiki is to collect and share sources, articles, publications, and blog-entries on what we currently (and reluctantly) call Personal Knowledge Management.