Simple Current Affairs Game for Children

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The following seems to be going down well with my class. They are both enjoying it and seem to be learning more about current affairs at the same time. What it is Once a week when the children (who are 10 or 11 years old) come into class for morning registration, I’ll have something like this up on the whiteboard. … Read More

Reasonable Doubt

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I like this story to explain reasonable doubt. (From Sam Leith’s wonderful “You talkin to me?“) “A man is in the dock, accused of murdering his wife. Although the body was never recovered, all the evidence points to the defendant: his car boot was filled with baling twine, bloodstained hammers, torn items of his wife’s clothing and suchlike. He had … Read More

Two points about self-esteem

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From Martin Seligman’s Learned Optimism: Point 1: Self-esteem is a symptom, not a prerequisite or cause. “I believe that self-esteem is just a meter that reads out the state of the system. It is not an end in itself. When you are doing well in school or work, when you are doing well with the people you love, when you … Read More

Where Children Sleep

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This [via Kottke & Lens] looks beautiful and depressing in the way that only photos seem to manage. The caption for these photos reads: “A 4-year-old from Romania who, with his family, sleeps on a mattress on the outskirts of Rome.” It’s from a book called Where Children Sleep by James Mollison. Mollison says: When Fabrica asked me to come … Read More

Brooks & Diet Internet

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There’s a nice idea here – The Construction Zone [hat tip @surreallyno] that suggests getting students to discuss how the internet affects thinking. Certainly something to try out. One comment struck me, from Rodney Brooks: We, or at least I, need tools that will provide us with the diet Internet, the version that gives us the intellectual caffeine that lets … Read More

Maths and Cities

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This is food for thought in its own right. With teacher googles on it is a rich seam of cross-curricular exploration. Will need to rejig it so it is Year 6 friendly but there is LOADS of stuff here to help children realise that maths is a language that can connect e.g. science, PSHE, history, business studies and geography.

Sex and Relationships Education in School

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Ahem. I’d be lying if I said part of me doesn’t cringe at having to do this. At the same time, there is a far greater part of me that thinks the Dutch approach is infinitely healthier than going bright red at the mention of the word “nipple”. [see e.g. here and here for comparisons] Anyway, I do believe Sex … Read More

Penn Resiliency Program

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OK. This is frustrating. The Penn resiliency Program looks like something I’d like to try at school, but I can’t find any people who offer courses for staff and schools. There seem to have been some pilots in the UK. The Young Foundation has a good writeup of the Government’s trail version of the scheme (“The UK Resilience Programme”). The … Read More

PSHE game idea

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Clarence commented that “I need to teach my students about current trends in the world: urbanization, globalization, climate change, the UN, etc. I REALLY was not interested in the standard research and essay type of project.” Me too. And happily it looks like Clarence has come up with a great idea for doing it. Thinking about extending the game he … Read More