Couple of School Projects

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There are a couple of mini-projects I thought I’d share. FPS Zoo The first is the FPS Zoo. Most of our Year 6 have finished exams so this is an experiment to tie in various cross-curricular themes in (hopefully) a fun way. The idea is to make a zoo full of made-up animals. Science will be looking at classifications, evolution … Read More

Using the social brain in schools

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Thought this was interesting, via Annie Murphy Paul “Think about how amazing the brain is, and then consider that a huge portion of that amazing brain focuses on making us social. Yet, for a large part of our day, whether we are at work or at school, this extraordinary social machinery in our heads is viewed as a distraction, something … Read More

I teach in Grange Hill

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via the indispensable Mr DuPlessis this video shows: a) a large slice of my childhood b) the same school I now teach in (the playground hasn’t changed)

Are you as clever as your tie suggests?

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via Students with purple ties are gifted and talented. All the children at Crown Woods college in Greenwich, south London, know that. They are taught in separate colour-coordinated buildings, play in fenced-off areas and eat lunch at separate times. At 11 years old, all pupils at the college are streamed according to ability in what the headteacher argues is … Read More

If Steve Jobs designed a school …

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Steve Jobs, as I probably don’t need to say, was an unemployed college dropout who became, well, Steve Jobs. I’ve been thinking about setting up schools, free schools and the like and thought it might be an idea to do a mental exercise. If I had Steve Jobs on the phone, what would he recommend? Firstly, I suspect, trust the … Read More

Quantity is quality (2)

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This post from Victoria made me think. She If we told students that we would give them ONE test a year and that their entire grade for the whole year rested on that ONE test, nothing else. What would we see? We would see parents yelling. We would see students crying. We would see legislators acting against those “horrible teachers” … Read More

Some reasons for Mixed Ability Grouping

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Some parents become anxious about mixed ability classes. In a subject like maths, which is both a “core” subject and has a reputation for being a subject that people either do or don’t get, these anxieties are aggravated. The parents will either feel that their child is being overly or underly stretched. Mixed ability classes, though, are repeatedly found to … Read More

Hashtags for Educational Action

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hashtags are part of the “conversation,” and serve to make the “conversation” searchable. But I’m tired of conversation and have written on that before. Time to move on…more doing, and less talking. Why not start using these hashtags to address that? #whatwedid #whathappened #howweknow #whatwedid could be used to describe something actually attempted to improve education. The emphasis on we … Read More