Link: A library without the books – The Boston Globe

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Cushing Academy has all the hallmarks of a New England prep school, with one exception…. This year, after having amassed a collection of more than 20,000 books, officials at the pristine campus about 90 minutes west of Boston have decided the 144-year-old school no longer needs a traditional library. The academy’s administrators have decided to discard all their books and … Read More

Education 2.0 (or whatever) and focusing on challenges

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Just stumbled across this rather good presentation by Sacha: A Teacher’s Guide To Web 2.0 at School View more documents from Sacha Chua. Thinking more and more that teachers, parents and children should be outlining a list of problems and inviting technologists, education 2.0 or whatever wonks to suggest some solutions

Institutional Change & Cost of Failure

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Thought this was worth thinking about. One of the things that Shirkey writes about is how the new social tools and the powerline graph of user use / success / downloads / etc… has meant that there is no longer a high cost of failure. He uses SourceForge and MeetUp as two examples where if a software project or a … Read More

Brain-friendly Spaces

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There’s some grim jargon here – but I like the premise, namely that you can design spaces (or classrooms) in such a way as to make your job as a teacher easier.