The Dynamo and the Social

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Thought this was an interesting piece at Slate based on Paul David’s paper. There are some obvious parallels with personal or mobile computing and education and the difficulties we have with using it well. “Electric light bulbs were available by 1879, and there were generating stations in New York and London by 1881. Yet a thoughtful observer in 1900 would … Read More

Intelligence has nothing to do with speed

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Love this, from Laurent Schwartz‘s ‘A Mathematician Grappling with his Century’ [via Jo Boaler] “I was always deeply uncertain about my own intellectual capacity; I thought I was unintelligent.  And it is true that I was, and still am, rather slow.  I need time to seize things because I always need to understand them fully.  Even when I was the … Read More

Speed Reading

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A Woody Allen gem: “I took a speed reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.”

Empirical tags experiment

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Looks like Prof Chuck and his graduate student might be about to do an interesting experiment. “a study where we compare information retrieval times and errors when people are using 2 kinds of info organizations: traditional hierarchical/taxonomic categories versus tags. Between groups: We are thinking of having subjects come in and sort 100 photographs into categories or tag 100 pictures. … Read More