Snippets from The Science of Story

The cure for the horror is story

We know how this ends. You’re going to die and so will everyone you love. And then there will be heat. All the change in the universe will cease, the stars will die. And there will be nothing left of anything but infinite dead freezing void.

The Master and His Emissary

I keep on thinking about the below.

There was once a wise spiritual master, who was the ruler of a small but prosperous domain, and who was known for his selfless devotion to his people. As his people flourished and grew in number, the bounds of this small domain spread; and with it the need to trust implicitly the emissaries he sent to ensure the safety of its ever more distant parts.

The Flipside of the Collective is War.

Group-forming activities help release the brain’s natural opiates. “Grooming” – as in social rather than haircuts – gives us a natural high. This, at least, was what Robin Dunbar (of 12, 50, 150 fame) was saying on the radio this morning.…