Some wallwisher uses for school

Some good ideas here – thanks David Especially like the idea of the book reviews – might be time to try upgrading the reading records at school.

Tools to try out this summer

Richard Byrne has listed a whole series of tools that look interesting to trial in the classroom.

The ones I’m looking at are:


Class Blogs

… which looks like a normal multi-user wordpress account but has options to grade assignments etc built in.…

Text based adventures in the classroom

There’s a wonderful idea over at Ed Stuck in the Cloud: why not use the Inform platform to create text based adventures a la Zork to enthuse students?

“While the idea of asking students to create video games could be daunting to a teacher with core curriculum concerns, it becomes quickly evident with use that Inform is crazy easy to use.…


Hunch helps you make decisions and gets smarter the more you use it.

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