Remote Learning, The Cathedral and The Bazaar

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COVID-19 has forced schools to offer some sort of elearning service. It has forced schools, essentially, to swivel and offer something they’re not used to, at a time of high stress and uncertainty. As teachers, we tend, naturally enough, to look for “solutions” in the direction of education for what works: academic research on elearning, guides on “live teaching” and, … Read More

Top-down Education

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Richard Sambrook [thanks Euan]: John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, made a really good point at the Clinton Global Initiative: He said the current education system of grades and exams puts people in competition with each other and is a top down command-and-control model. As the leader of one of the world’s biggest IT companies he believes future education should concentrate … Read More

Up, down, left and right

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I’m beginning to get a little weary of the top-down vs bottom-up divide. It’s a small point, but isn’t the real paydirt what you might call the side-to-side?

KM and OD

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Gautam has been doing some thinking about the overlap between Knowledge management and Organisational Development. “Eventually every KM project is an attempt to change the corporate culture of the organization and the behavior of people in the organizational systems. This change can never be sustainable unless human and organizational processes change to support this change. That is the insight that … Read More