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Anjo is progessing apace with his tOKo tool, which aims (I think) to give some analytical clout to questions such as whether or there is any “knowledge transfer” between blogs. It’s intriguing stuff. Spurred on by Ton’s call to arms, I sent Anjo my MT export to add to the experimental data. [Read the directions at Anjo’s blog for how … Read More

Midnight Oil

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Peter Pesti is using Google Maps in a nice way. He’s mixed up the Google API with night time satellite shots from NASA to give you images like this. It made me think of an old 1994 Al Gore speech, where he quoted Nathaniel Hawthorne’s comment that “By means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, … Read More

Tag Social Network Visualistion

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Just quickly – have finally gotten round to updating the mapping your blog mind post of a couple of weeks ago and uploading some code so you can do it yourself (if you’ve got MT and if it’s even remotely interesting!).

Mapping your blog mind revisited

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A while ago I posted some thoughts about creating a mindmap of your blog. I’ve spent the last couple of evenings fiddling around with tags, a little easy php and Ucinet, some SNA software. I thought I’d post the rough and ready pics now, and do some more explaining when I’ve more time tomorrow. A 3d visualisation of my blog … Read More

Link Presentation (Outside and Inside)

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Does anybody know if you can colour-code links based on where they’re going to? What I’m interested in is getting (and giving) a quick visual indication of where the links on a post are headed. As far as I see it there are three types of links: – links to self – links to group (e.g. internal corporate blogs) – … Read More

RSS in 3 Dimensions

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On being able to fly through your feeds, this time without a helmet, and get a bird’s eye community view